General art commissions

  • Click on the image to bring up a larger preview.

  • Icons: Typically used for social media, a small drawn icon.

  • Torso: Upper body / waist up that includes the arms of a character.

  • Full Body: A majority of the whole body that best fits the composition.

  • Environment: A developed scene that depicts a mood to the composition. Like a inside a subway, bedroom, outdoor setting, etc.

  • Prop: Standalone items that is not directly on the character, like a weapon or an object in a scene.

  • Text: Any dialogue, sound effect, or text that is separate from the character design.

  • Print and lamination: Your art that is printed, laminated, and shipped to you! Includes a badge clip.

  • Inking: Refined line art.

  • Color: Flat colors adjusted to the composition/scene and shine depending on material.

  • Shading: Cel shaded like style.

  • Painterly: Loose digital painting style that is rough sketched, colored and shaded.

Badges= $100+ship

Custom fursona badges!


  • One torso character that is inked and colored with shading

  • Text

  • Simple background color or prop

  • Printed, laminated, and shipped to you!

  • I need a minimum of 1-2 month before the convention.

  • Rush order subjected to additional charge.

  • Regular price is $125. That is a $25 savings!

Character Reference sheet

Character Reference sheet starts at $100


  • One full front body with mirrored back view that is inked and flat colored

  • Text

  • Simple background

  • Additional full body views is $75

  • (Mirrored back full body view is $50)

  • Torso view is $60

  • Close up or expression icons are $40

  • Standalone props are $25

quilted fursona badge

Quilt badge prices with art:

  • Full body = $150+shipping

  • Torso = $130+shipping

  • Icon = $105+shipping

  • Custom art (inked and colored) that is printed and quilted onto fabric and batting.

  • Optionally, a shaped foam piece can be sewn into the badge to give a raised or 3d effect (additional charges apply).

  • Other accessories, crinkle layer, additional fabric layer ontop, are available.

  • String sewn in for hanging purposes.

Icon doodle= $30

  • Digital icon of your character in a rough doodle style that is sketched and colored

YCH catalogue

  • YCH Flip phone badge (simple icon emoji doodle on top and icon on inside)
    SMALL (approx 2"x3.6" before lamination)
    LARGE (approx 3.5"x6.4" before lamination)
    = $80+Ship

  • YCH Crayon Badge (customizable crayon colors)= $60+ship

  • YCH bubble bath badge= $60+ship

  • YCH toy car badge= $60+ship

  • YCH Pumpkin light badge= $80+ship

  • YCH Spinner badge diaper= $150+ship

YCH Inflated wallpaper= $80

  • Features your character inflated, covering the whole computer or phone screen.

  • Can be either portrait or landscape.

  • Art includes: head and hands, with your belly filling the rest of the art

  • Inked, colored and simple shaded.

  • Additional body parts or complicated designs are subjected to extra charges.

  • Make sure note if you want portrait or landscape, and to provide the screen dimension to figure out the image ratio

Face mask= $60+ship

Custom double sided face mask for $60+shipping

Face mask retiring at the end of 2022! Last chance at these!

  • Features the face of your character that is inked, colored, and simple shaded for both sides of the mask.

  • Can be SFW and/or NSFW. Each side can be a different image or expression, duplicate as the front, plain color, simple pattern, or repeating text pattern.

  • Face mask includes ear loop adjusters that you can tighten the straps for Large and Small sizes. (see attachments on the trello card for various ways to insert the loop adjusters).

  • Face mask may include adhesive nose strips.

  • These masks feature a triple layer of fabric and does not include a pocket for a separate filter.

  • Masks are for general use only. These are not for medical applications. Hand wash or machine wash warm or cold. Tumble dry low, not recommended to use dryer sheets or fabric softeners. Do not bleach, do not dry clean.

  • Additional face masks of the same design is $25 each.

three sizes available:

  • Large - 8"x5.25", runs a little big, Ideal for folks with a bigger face or facial hair.

  • Medium 6.75"x4.75", Note: Uses a different face mask template shape than large and small.

  • Small 6.5"x4.25" are also available for a smaller face or children.

YCH Null bulge icon= $40

  • YCH icon of a shiny rubbery null bulge, padlock symbol is optional.

  • Icon is inked, colored, and simple shaded.

YCH Custom printed patches= $90+ship

Custom icon art that is inked, colored and simple shaded with text that is sublimated and printed

Shapes and sizes:

  • 3"round

  • 3.5"x2.5" oval

  • 3.5"x2.5" rectangle

  • 3" square

  • 3"x3.5" shield patch

You will receive:

  • a digital art copy of the patch that you can use for personal use (non profit) online, etc.

  • a physical sublimated printed patch that will be mailed to you. (You can order multiple copies of the patch at $10 each)

  • Make sure to mention which patch shape you would like