General art commissions

  • Icons: Less complicated details and typically used for social media or optimized for viability as a small image.

  • Torso: Upper body / waist up that includes the arms of a character.

  • Full Body: A majority of the whole body that best fits the composition.

  • Environment: A developed scene that depicts a mood to the composition. Like a inside a subway, bedroom, outdoor setting, etc.

  • Prop: Standalone items that is not directly on the character, like an object in a scene.

  • Text: Any dialogue, sound effect, or text that is separate from the character design.

  • Extra characters Any additional characters in the same commission image. Additional charge depends on complexity

  • Print and lamination: Your art that is printed, laminated, and shipped to you! Includes a badge clip.

  • Inking: Cleaned line art.

  • Color: Flat colors adjusted to the composition/scene and depending on material.

  • Shading: Cel shaded like style or other depending on the situation.

  • Painterly: Loose digital painting style that is rough sketched, colored and shaded.

Badges= $70+ship

Custom fursona badges!


  • One torso character that is inked and colored with shading

  • Text

  • Simple background color or prop

  • Printed, laminated, and shipped to you!

  • I need a minimum of 1-2 month before the convention.

  • Rush order subjected to additional charge.

Character Reference sheet

Character Reference sheet starts at $100


  • One full front body with mirrored back view that is inked and flat colored

  • Any text

  • Simple background

  • Additional full body views is $65

  • (Mirrored back full body view is $50)

  • Torso view is $55

  • Close up or expression icons are $35

  • Standalone props are $20

quilted fursona badge

Quilt badge prices with art:

  • Full body = $140+shipping

  • Torso = $120+shipping

  • Icon = $100+shipping

  • Custom art (inked and colored) that is printed and quilted onto fabric and batting.

  • Optionally, a shaped foam piece can be sewn into the badge to give a raised or 3d effect (additional charges apply).

  • Other accessories, crinkle layer, additional fabric layer ontop, are available.

  • String sewn in for hanging purposes.

Mini painting commissions= $60+ship

  • A custom illustration done in traditional format with watercolors, gouache, and any other mixed media as accent.

  • Physical item that is unsealed/unvarnished and shipped to you!

  • Typically approximately 5x7 inches dimensions, but let me know if you have any requests.

  • Price starts at $60 but might be higher depending on complexity of sketch (will be discussed beforehand).

YCH catalogue

  • YCH Flip phone badge (simple icon emoji doodle on top and icon on inside)= $80+Ship

  • YCH toy car badge= $40+ship

  • YCH Spinning diaper badge= $120+ship

  • Doodle icons (a simple digital doodle)= $20

  • YCH School Nametag= $40+ship

YCH Inflated wallpaper= $80

  • Features your character inflated, covering the whole computer or phone screen.

  • Can be either portrait or landscape.

  • Art includes: head and hands, with your belly filling the rest of the art

  • Inked, colored and simple shaded.

  • Additional body parts or complicated designs are subjected to extra charges.

  • Make sure note if you want portrait or landscape, and to provide the screen dimension to figure out the image ratio